Zuccarello is a role model both on and off the ice, as a leading star in the NHL and with his social commitment through his foundation promoting young kids’ participation in sports independent of background.

Arctic is proud to introduce Zuccarello to our clients in the Nordics as well as in the US where we will continue to build our footprint.

Zuccarello has shown excellence in execution through hard work, dedication and as a team player. He has reached his ambitious goals, and Arctic is looking forward to continuing our international journey together with Zuccarello as our ambassador.

News and latest activity

News and latest activity

Tue 03 Sep 2019

News - Subdued market turmoil by month end

August was yet another month with market turmoil on the backbone of current themes of Brexit and Trade War. In the credit and fixed income market, negative interest rates is beginning to become the new (European) normal. The

Fri 30 Aug 2019

Offerings - Ortoma AB (publ) – Rights issue of SEK 70m

Arctic Securities is acting as financial advisor in relation to the rights issue in Ortoma AB (publ). Ortoma AB (publ) is referred to as “Ortoma” or “the Company”. Shareholders have pre-emptive rights to subscribe for shares. Seven (7) existing shares of A- and B-series held on the record date of September 11 2019, entitles to one (1) new share of the corresponding series at a subscription price of SEK 31.0 per share. The subscription period runs 13 September – 27 September 2019. A Swedish prospectus and subscription note will be available before the subscription period on Ortoma’s website, and Arctic Securities website.

Mon 26 Aug 2019

News - Ocean Yield ASA - New hybrid bond issue - USD 125m

Ocean Yield ASA today closed a USD 125m hybrid bond issue in the Nordic market. The bond is of a perpetual nature and will be accounted for as equity on the company’s balance sheet, while paying investors a coupon of 3m L + 650 basis points.

Wed 21 Aug 2019

News - Breakthrough and blockbusters

The CIO and portfolio manager of Arctic Aurora LifeScience, Ulrica Bjerke, visited EFN Stock Exchange this week. With the current turmoil and uncertainty in the world's financial markets, Ulrica points to healthcare and biotech as an alternative for potential growth. In the interview (In Swedish), Ulrica and Mårten Steen (Health Cap) focus on a good end to the summer for American health blocbusters where Astra Zeneca in particular stands out with a breakthrough in diabetes.

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