The tournament schedule was changed slightly the day before the tournament to facilitate advancing the closing ceremony to the 21st in the evening. Today was the only free day, and as .usual. a football match with the players, seconds and journalists against the local organizers was staged indoor in Medias. Karjakin.s second Motylev is not only a strong grandmaster, his football skills contributed to a clear victory for .our. team.
Last year I had 3.5 points halfway through the tournament as well, but there the resemblance stops. I was a bit rusty and needed the margins on my side to get going with the turnaround in round 4 last year. This year I.m in good shape and have not had any problems so far. Let.s hope it stays this way!
Friday I.m black against Nakamura in round 6.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 16th