As black against Ivanchuk I went for a topical QGD line. The line is okay for black in general but I did not like my position after the opening. I probably drifted a bit and Ivanchuk managed to create a small advantage both after the exchanges on c5 and when I played 39.... Kg8? I had missed Kf3! Qa8 would have equalised. I had to find some more accurate moves and when he allowed the plan with Qh8 he cannot avoid a perpetual. Resulting in a draw after nearly 5 hours play.
Aronian seemed to be worse after the opening against Nakamura but convincingly outplayed him in the complicated unbalanced middle and endgames to take the sole lead with 2/2. Caruana benefited from another less than optimum game from Karjakin to join me and Giri at 1.5 points.
This is my 9th year in a row in Wijk aan Zee and the 6th time in the A-group and it is probably the place I know best apart from Lommedalen!
Dinner in the room today getting ready for Aronian tomorrow.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 15th 2012