We have been in Wijk nearly a week and still there is a normal 9 rounds tournament left. I'm happy to be in the shared lead on the first free day, but anything may of course happen in the coming days.There was a traditional football match today between the dutch (and a swede) and a foreign team and we did well as usual!

Yesterday I got a reasonable position from the opening in the Berlin endgame against Caruana, but after I underestimated his b4-break and after a further mistake I got into an unpleasant position. Fortunately, he did not go for the most critical continuation at one crucial moment, and I managed to consolidate and make a draw.
Aronian kept playing energetically to take down Kamsky in a long hard fight.
Karjakin has bounced back from two early losses with two subsequent victories.

Looking forward to another round Thursday. I'll have the white pieces against Anish Giri as usual at 13:30 local time.

Magnus Carlsen, Wijk, January 18th, 2012