Congratulations to Levon Aronian on winning the Blitz World Championship! Five rounds before the end he had a three points lead and was the only one that scored consistently well all three days. Despite some losses in the last few rounds, a well deserved victory with 24.5/38.
Radjabov scored 8/10 the last day to take silver at 24/38, and my own 6.5/10 gave third another half point behind Radjabov.
After the closing ceremony there was a high profile tandem match (with alternating moves) and with good play by my teammate Russian Deputy Prime Minister A.Zhukov, we won convincingly against Kramnik and Assistant to the Russian President A.Dvorkovich.
As if that was not enough, late in the evening I played 40 blitz games (3 2) with H. Nakamura. We were both pretty tired and the quality of the games varied to put it mildly.
The organizers and A.Bakh deserve praise for a well-organized tournament. With the long traditions and the keen and knowledgeable spectators, playing high level chess in Moscow is something truly special.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, November 20th, 2010