I feel in good shape, and I.m highly motivated. Today it was not enough. I played a sideline (5.d3) against the Petroff as white against Giri. A few moves later I improvised and allowed b5! after which black is not only slightly better. White hardly has any decent plans! Hanging in there trying to complicate things I also accepted a worse position by turning down the chance to exchange queens. At this point Giri could have put some real pressure on me, but his Nd2 was a mistake. After the subsequent exchange of queens, I had the bishop pair and a slight advantage, but not enough to win. Draw.

Both Wang Hao and Nakamura won with white without much resistance.
Half way Wang Hao has beaten all the others (except me) and has a clear lead with 12 points from 5 rounds. Giri and Nakamura has 8, I.m fourth with 6 from 4 games. The traditional football is taking place in the evenings. I missed it today. Plan to join tomorrow if the weather allows.

Due to the postponed game, I.ll have three blacks in a row Saturday to Monday.
Playing Nakamura in round 6 tomorrow.

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, July 27th, 2012