The free day Monday came in handy. After the usual downtown dinner and late table tennis session I felt in good shape, and as it turned out I really needed stamina today. As black against in-form Bacrot something went seriously wrong in the opening. In the Queen Indian variation with 5.Nbd2 I spent more than half an hour on move 11. My original plan wouldn.t work and I couldn.t find anything better than the actual game continuation promising me at least four or five hours of endgame torture. It looked pretty difficult before the time control due to his bishop pair (against my knights) and the weak pawn on c5. Short of time he traded off the h-pawns. Later I managed to get in g5 to get the worst behind me, and instead of pushing his b-pawn to continue his attempt, he offered a draw after a repetition on move 48.
The bad news is that gone astray in the opening against both Gashimov and Bacrot with black. The good news is that I.m ready to fight and managed to draw. Anand successfully took advantage of mistakes in the opening by Wang Yue and manage to grind out another win with black.
I.m still in the lead with +3 followed by Bacrot at +2 and Anand at +1 before round 7 in which I.m white against Anand.
Magnus Carlsen, Nanjing, October 26th, 2010