Compared to last year the schedule has been tightened considerably. With seven hour time-control and one free day versus 5 hours and two days last year, no wonder the players start to look tired.
Yesterday I was tired all day and the long game didn.t improve the situation, but today I felt in really good shape.
At least a few of the other players were in a peaceful mood today. Bacrot-Gashimov was a very short threefold repetition draw, while Anand-Topalov featured a known knight sacrifice with black playing for the initiative material down. It was certainly more of a fighting draw.

Wang Yue played the Catalan and I went for the 4. Bxd2 variation that was quite popular during the Olympiad. After having equalized from the opening I missed a tactical finesse. He was slightly better but with his b3 followed by my response Ne4 his advantage more or less disappeared. Trading off queens and two light pieces he immediately forced a perpetual in the rook ending.
With no decided games today I.m still one point ahead of Anand and Bacrot.
I.m facing Topalov with the black pieces Friday.
Magnus Carlsen, Nanjing, October 28th, 2010