Despite his consistent high rating and world ranking, as white I have a very good score in classical chess against Topalov. His performance in the Olympiad was about as bad as mine and he hasn.t played at his usual level in Nanjing either. On the other hand, he is often a slow starter winning many games in the last 5-6 rounds of a tournament.
I played 1.e4 once again and we entered the Ruy Lopez. I chose a slow set-up to develop a long term initiative in the centre and on the kingside. White is maybe not much better but has a more comfortable position offering natural moves and strategic plans. I consistently chose quiet moves gradually improving my position. His Qc8 allowed the knight to go via h4 and g6 to trade of his dark square bishop after which f4 initiates a crushing attack. In the final position I left my queen .en prise. as his best choice would be to take the pawn on e6 and play on a piece down. Alternatively the e6-pawn together with my bishops would create complete havoc around his king leaving me with a rook and 3 pieces against his queen. He duly resigned.
I.m quite satisfied with the quality of my play today, rounding the halfway mark on a high note and looking forward to the free day tomorrow before facing runner-up Bacrot, who won again, on Tuesday.

Magnus Carlsen, Nanjing, October 24th, 2010