I won the Blitz World Championship 2009 today!
An initial loss made me a bit shaky, but the next 6 games went well and I had a comfortable lead mid day.
In round 10 I played black against my main challenger V. Anand. He attacked my pawns on the queen side and I countered against his king. After a nice combination I reached a winning endgame. When Anand lost again in the 12th round and I won, it was decided!
It was a pleasant feeling but with the pressure gone, I suddenly felt completely drained after three days filled with many hours of continuous sharp focus. Achieving half a point in the last two rounds, I finished at 31 points in 42 rounds, ahead of Anand at 28 points, S.Karjakin 25 and V.Kramnik 24.5.
Afterwards I.ve given lots of interviews and had dinner at the hotel before the prize giving ceremony.
I.ve enjoyed the stay in Moscow despite illness last week. There is something monumental about the broad avenues and huge buildings. Combined with the rich chess history it gives me a solemn feeling playing here.
Thursday we.ll meet briefly with Kasparov and will return to Norway in the afternoon.
I was happy to hear from Bengt Rem that people in Arctic has followed the Blitz event closely!
Later this week there will be some more media contact including TV on Friday, but otherwise I plan to relax for some days before starting preparations for the London tournament in December.
Magnus Carlsen