On day 2 of the Blitz World Championship things went my way. The leader after day one V.Anand struggled a bit, and already after 4 rounds I had caught up with him. Later we alternated taking the lead.
Most of my games today were hard fought and fairly balanced battles. Fortunately I came out on top in most of them. The ones I appreciated the most was the win against Anand and my second victory against Kramnik as I.ve struggled in our past blitz encounters.
One of the reasons for the popularity of blitz chess is the many decisive games. I won 11 games today and lost 3, no draws!
In 2 days and 28 rounds I.ve got 21 points, Anand has 20 and Sergej Karjakin 18,5 with Kramnik and Svidler sharing 4th at 16,5.
We will know the final result after the last 14 games Wednesday.
Magnus Carlsen