Always inspiring to play V.Kramnik. Yesterday was no exception. Despite the innocent looking opposite colored bishop ending following the Nimzo Indian opening, I had a clear advantage due to the monster bishop on d4. His weakness on g7 tied up his king and if I can activate my rook black is in real trouble. After the advance of my h-pawn I had planned to recapture with the rook but suddenly found gxh6 very interesting. I must have overestimated this variation and when Kramnik defended well the game ended in a draw just after the first time control. Nakamura beat Anand in a Kings Indian and McShane secured another black win against a fellow countryman (Howell) to join me in the lead after four rounds.
Representatives of main sponsors Arctic Securities and Simonsen Lawyers visited the tournament and I was happy to hear that they enjoyed the experience! CBS is present at the tournament to make a profile on chess and in the evening we had an excellent dinner at MrChow.
Today I spent a few hours in central London shooting and doing interviews for CBS.
Now it is time to get ready for my game (as black) against Aronian tomorrow.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 7, 2011