Heavy demonstrations outside the Parliament today I.ve heard. Maybe that.s why the traffic was quite heavy in Kensington Street.
Round 2: Lots of fighting chess as well. My opponent M.Adams is the highest rated british player and a former World Cup finalist. As white my score is excellent, but he won our last encounter (in the Olympiad, I had the black pieces).
I went for the English opening with 1.c4 and got a comfortable position. He defended well and in the middle game the position was fairly balanced. I couldn.t find a really good plan and being more or less in a must-win situation after the loss yesterday I went for the double-edged f4 break. He could have picked up my pawn on a5 but decided to keep his queen on the kingside. Before the time control he made a couple of inaccurate moves and after swapping queens the ending was won for me. 1-0 and I.m really happy to strike back!
Kramnik lost quite badly as white to Nakamura and McShane won again, this time as black against Short. Anand had another promising endgame advantage but Howell managed to draw.
McShane is the surprising sole leader with 6 points, ahead of Nakamura with 4 and Kramnik, Adams and me at 3 points.
Tomorrow I.m black against reigning World Champion Vishwanatan Anand.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 9th, 2010