Yesterday the 10-kamp started, the major amateur event during the Corus chess festival. now several hundred chess players in the main playing hall (in addition to many spectators). Still the playing conditions are fairly good with very little noice.
As mentioned during Tal Memorial, today.s opponent V. Ivanchuk is one of the most talented but also maybe the least stable of the top players.
In 2009 all our five classical games ended draw, but with white I was eager to play for a win today. We both started spending time after a few moves in an unusual opening. He sacrificed a pawn and after a long thought I accepted the sacrifice. A few moves later he seemed to sacrifice a piece. Maybe it was to get back his pawn plus another pawn and a strong initiative, but then he probably concluded, and probably rightly so, that his compensation was insufficient. Instead he sacrificed his queen for an attack against my central king, but without much problem I could trade down material. After his initiative was extinguished he had nothing left to do but resign.
Nakamura beat Shirov, and Nakamura and I are now just half a point behind him.
Sunday I.ll play black against Shirov.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee