As may have been expected I did not feel like elaborating too much on round 6 right after the round. We drew on the other three tables and my game as black against M.Adams decided the match against England. Despite the unusual opening choice I was happy with my position entering the middle game. Becoming a bit too optimistic I played for a win but underestimated his attack and lost deservedly.
In round 7 we played Lithuania. My opponent was S.Sulskis. After the sharp Scotch Opening I was better but with had the king in the centre and all the heavy pieces left on the board. I maneuvered a lot and found a good way of activating my kingside rook by playing f4 at the right time. He lost another pawn and resigned three pawns down.
With three new draws on the other tables we won 2.5-1.5, thereby making up for the loss against England.

Magnus Carlsen, Khanty-Mansiysk, September 29th, 2010