Within the Arctic Group, Arctic Real Estate Development AS (Arctic RED) is the project leader company focusing on the entire value chain of real estate development- and value add projects; from greenfield projects to existing properties with shorter lease contracts. Our primary focus are investments in real estate where the major value is or will be displayed through property development and active management over time.

Arctic RED will, working closely with experienced partners and advisors, manage the whole process from acquisition through zoning, letting, construction and finally the divestment/exit.

The investments and real estate development projects managed by Arctic RED will be carried out on behalf of investors/shareholders in separate real estate SPVs. Equity placements will be arranged together with Arctic Securities and raised in collaboration with Arctic Capital. Arctic RED will normally own/be exposed to a minor equity stake in each SPV-structure/development project.

Arctic Securities AS is the majority shareholder in Arctic RED. Arctic RED is currently represented with an office in Oslo.

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