Employees with long experience and focus on personal advice and follow-up

Alexander Ringvold
CEO +47 901 39 440


After several years as a liability underwriter at Gerling and 20 years as a broker at Aon and Marsh, the time had come to try something new. A 100% Norwegian alternative with an international partner was a dream come true. Being a part of Arctic’s professional environment gives me a new incentive to get insurance broking on the business agenda  


Ellen-Beate H. Framhus
Liability & Financial Lines
 +47 930 49 811

I have more than 20 years of experience from the insurance industry including being an attorney dealing with liability insurance claims. I have a profound understanding of how risk can be assessed and mitigated. Advice on liability insurance products, such as Financial Lines, has been a main responsibility since my start as an insurance broker in 2008, and is part of my work at Arctic Insurance.  
Tor Erling Flisnes
Property & Financial Lines
+47 480 50 108

I hold an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School with a specialization within Maritime Business. I have experience from banking and insurance broking, the latter from Aon working with Property and Casualty (P&C) and Energy clients since 2014. Became an authorized insurance broker in 2017, and will be servicing clients on P&C and Energy related business.
Fredrik Løfsgaard
Employee Benefits & Pensions
 +47 950 56 060

I have worked with pension and personnel insurance schemes since 1992. My experience ranges from sales to leadership roles in various insurance companies and brokerage firms. My main focus is working with the customer to optimize their insurance programs. I find this work exciting and very motivating. The aim is to place the insurance solutions chosen by the customer, and verify that it is appreciated by their employees, rigged for the future of the business and priced correctly.
Siri Dale
Assistant Broker
 +47 992 72 490

I have more than 20 years of experience from administrative and marketing work within the Business Travel Industry. Through my work, I have built up a large network of contacts in the travel industry all over the world. After many years working for a worldwide American company, I`m very happy to join a 100% Norwegian company with an international partner. I studied marketing at Oslo Merkantile Høyskole.  
Liv Karin Løberg
Employee Benefits & Pensions
 +47 950 51 349

Liv Karin joined Arctic Insurance in 2019. She has more than 10 years of experience within the insurance sector, both as an insurance broker and also working with sales and clients in an insurance company. Her main field of expertise is employee benefits and pension. She is responsible for our international relations and global operations regarding employee benefits. Liv Karin became an authorized insurance broker in 2018. She holds a bachelor in marketing from NMH.
Gine Zachariassen Tenden
 +47 995 61 541

I joined Arctic Insurance in 2019. I have worked within the insurance sector for more than 20 years, most of the time as a broker, but also as a property underwriter and risk engineer. Through my work over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of various industrial segments and their respective property risk. I hold a Master of Science degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Elisabeth Kvarø Thorkildsen
Head of Employee Benefits & Pension
 +47 975 78 375

I joined Arctic Insurance in October 2019 and I have worked with insurance & pension since 1987. I started working as a broker in 1999. My main responsibilities are:
Pension: Public, Defined, Contribution, AFP – Contractual Pension, Top Hat
Personal Insurance: incl.Travel. Expat, K/R and Sick leave
Caroline Nicolaisen
Assistant Broker
 +47 932 87 321

I joined Arctic Insurance in August 2020. I have experience from the M&A insurance industry in Barcelona and from corporate- and compliance services in Oslo, and hold a Master of Laws from the University of Oslo and an International Master in Finance from EADA Business School, Barcelona.
Rafaella Rossi
Assistant Broker
 +47 464 31 737

Before joining Arctic Insurance in September 2020, I had worked with Energy insurance in Brazil since 2016, being part in reinsurance department at Aon and also as an O&G client executive at Marsh. I hold a BSc in Chemical Engineering, an Executive Postgraduate in Oil & Gas and I am currently studying for a MSc in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School.

Odd Kåre E. Mistereggen
Assistant Broker
 +47 415 747 98

Odd Kåre joined Arctic Insurance in October 2020, after working as a project manager for a Scandinavian insurance company. His projects involved business development, strategic partnerships and commercialization of non-life insurance schemes. He holds a BBA with specialization in Applied Macroeconomics, and a MSc in Business Finance from BI Norwegian Business School.