About us

The broking market has for some while been characterized by major corporations, typically foreign-owned. The sector has seen strong growth in recent years, but in our view has lacked a provider that puts greater emphasis on the risk in a business than on insurance products. Our ambition therefore is to build on the experience that our employees have from the major companies, but deliver more focused and more personal advice and follow-up. We call this 1 : 1 insurance broking.

Part of solid and experienced business environment

Arctic Insurance is a subsidiary of Arctic Securities. With approximately 110 employees, Arctic Securities is a leading investment bank in Norway. Collaboration with Arctic Securities ensures enhanced monitoring of the market and any opportunities that may affect risk and possible impact of according cost.
Invitations to exclusive seminars and events is an extra benefit to our clients.

Would you like to work for us?

Arctic Insurances aim is to be a leading insurance broker in Norway. We want the best people to support us and assist in maintaining valuable client relationships. You must prove well qualified with outstanding ethical standards. The job requires discernment, dedication and hard work. We look forward to recieve your application if you have experience and is ready for something new. If you are a recent graduate with a Master’s degree in mathematics, law, engineering or finance we welcome your application as well.
Please send your CV and application to: professionals@arcticinsurance.no

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