Saving in Mutual Funds

There are lots of questions regarding why saving money in mutual (UCITS) funds is a good idea, and how to get started with it. In this movie, we are trying to answer these questions (in Norwegian only). First, we sit down with Felix and Savannah aged 6 and 8 years old to talk about savings, whether that be saving in terms of candy or money. We then talk with Fredrik at 18 on how to get started with saving money in mutual funds. Further, we discuss how we can save in mutual funds for our children with Torgeir and his 7-month-old son Erik. Esten Løkkebakken from Arctic Securities then provides reasoning as to why everyone should include mutual funds in their investment portfolios. Lastly, Lisbeth Gyland (Arctic Asset Management) and Stein Bruun (Arctic Securities) let us in on how they have managed their investments, how they in retrospect would have done it differently, and how they are investing now.