Debt Capital Market

Arctic Securities is a large and well renowned arranger of fixed income securities in the Norwegian and the Nordic markets.

Arctic Securities’ professionals have extensive experience from international investment banking as well as from operating in the Nordic market. Our Stockholm subsidiary complements our Norwegian market position, with in-depth experience in the Swedish market. We offer our clients a wide range of financial products and advisory services. We supply both tailor-made solutions and more standardized products; both within the high yield and investment grade areas. Arctic Securities has experience from placing both unsecured and secured debt, in the form of bilateral loans to one or a few investors, as well as broadly distributed offerings. In addition, Arctic Securities has significant experience from the convertible bond market. We have excellent distribution capabilities and well documented placing power with a global reach to leading investors. The debt capital markets team works closely with our industry verticals in the corporate finance department to ensure that our clients get the best possible advice and assistance for each individual project, taking the full capital structure of the company into account.