Arctic's response to the coronavirus situation

The Covid-19 outbreak is a serious situation that affects the way we work. Arctic follows the guidelines from the local authorities to prevent the spread of the infection. We are monitoring the situation closely and have implemented necessary measures to ensure that the company’s functions operate as normal.

Arctic’s Covid-19 preparedness includes preventive measures to protect our employees, clients and business operations as well as measures to secure business continuity if the situation escalates.

Since March 2020, Arctic has implemented a number of measures to secure continued operations:

  • Increased use of home office and flexi-time solutions to avoid commuting during peak hours. Our IT platform facilitates that all business functions is available from home office/other locations.
  • Increased use of digital platforms for communication internally and with clients, replacing group meetings and presentations to clients.
  • Restrictions on travelling.
  • Enhanced cleaning routines and high frequency cleaning of high-touch surfaces.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and facemasks.
  • Physical distancing in the offices, including at meetings and between work desks.
  • Reducing maximum occupancy for lifts.
  • Frequent reminders and guidance, including e-mail communication, information on the intranet and posters promoting healthy personal habits across the workspace and reception area.
  • Plexiglas shields installed in the canteen, limiting food handling, replacing self-serve options, separated lunch eating at the desk rather than in the canteen.
  • Low threshold for employees staying home with any symptoms.

Arctic will continue to follow the advices from the health authorities in all aspects of our business, and update necessary measures accordingly.