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All private clients may set up an account directly with Arctic Asset Management. By logging in with BankID, clients will have a complete overview of their portfolio with in-depth fund comments and portfolio analysis. (In Norwegian only.)

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Become a customer at Arctic Asset Management today and invest in some of Norway's most outstanding funds!

We recommend opening an "ASK" (Aksjesparekonto/Share savings account) if you are to invest in equity funds. To invest in Arctic's fixed income funds, please choose "fund account". If you are yet to decide on your investment profile, or would like to invest in both equity and fixed income funds, we recommend to open both ASK and a fund account.

With ASK you can invest and sell shares in Arctic's equity funds. You can withdraw the original amount invested, without being eligible to pay taxes on the original amount. You will only pay taxes on the amount of capital gains once you withdraw it from your ASK account. Please note that any deductions for losses are realized upon closing the account.