Over the last few years Oleg Skvortsov, the Savoy Chess Corner and the Zurich Chess Club have put Zurich firmly back on the international chess map.
The 1953 Candidates Tournament in Zurich still has a prominent place in chess history, and as many others I.ve read the Bronstein book from the tournament.
This year the Savoy Festsaal is packed with spectators and people queuing up outside, and I.ve seldom seen more press people except during the main championships.
Norwegian TV2 is covering the whole event live both on TV and internet back home!
As white against Aronian today, in what was obviously an important game for the outcome of the tournament, I did not get much from the opening.
It was difficult to develop my plans without creating significant weaknesses, but I was quite satisfied with Bg4 which seemed to surprise Aronian. Maybe I could have put more pressure on him, frankly I don.t know, and I couldn.t find any way to make real progress during the game. Draw against such a strong player is an okay result, and the tension in the tournament is definitely maintained.
Nakamura joined the leaders by outmanoeuvring Anand after an interesting piece sacrifice.
I.ll play black against Nakamura Saturday at 3 pm as usual.
Magnus Carlsen, Zurich, January 31st, 2014