Being busy with preparations for the World Championship match against Viswanathan Anand starting in a little over two weeks, Magnus has asked me to write about the match and how he got there. Let me start with some practical information about the match.

The match will be held in the Hyatt Regency Chennai hotel in Chennai in India.
The opening ceremony and drawing of lots takes place November 7th 2013.
They play best of 12 rounds. The match is decided if and when one player reaches 6.5 or 7 points. In case of 6-6 after 12 rounds the match goes to tie-break, four rapid games, and if still equal, there will be two blitz games at the time. If still undecided after five times two blitz games, an Armageddon (sudden death) game will be played with a time handicap for black and white has to win.
The time control for the classical 12 round part will be two hours for 40 moves, another hour for the next 20 moves, and another 15 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30 seconds increment per move from move 61.
The 12 rounds are scheduled for 3 pm local time on November 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24 and 26th. There is a rest day after every second round, and an additional rest day between round 11 and 12.
The tie-break is scheduled for November 28th and the closing ceremony for November 29th. If the match finishes earlier, the closing is one or two days after the last game.

The homepage of the match:
has more information and online purchase of tickets to the playing hall.

V.Anand is qualified for the match being the reigning World Champion, after successfully keeping his title in the match against Boris Gelfand in Moscow in 2012.
Magnus qualified as the challenger by winning the Candidates Tournament in London in March 2013.

The World Championship match follows a more than century long tradition although the format has changed several times. 24 game matches used to be the standard, as in the Spassky-Fischer match in Reykjavik in 1972. Some World Championship Tournaments have been held. First to six victories was used for a period but abolished after the never-ending Karpov-Kasparov match in 1984. The number of games was gradually reduced and from 2006 onwards 12 games have been played.
V.Anand has played several World Championship matches in the past, while for Magnus it is his first title match.

For Team Carlsen, Henrik C., October 24th, 2013