No blunders, no missed opportunities.. I think I played a good game today!
My opponent was the third (and last) Dutchman I.m up against in this tournament, Jan Smeets (2662).
He started the tournament with a nice win against Shirov but later he has struggled.
I went for the Berlin defense in the Ruy Lopez. White has the pawn majority on the king side and black the bishop pair. Contrary to conventional wisdom it is a rich and complicated opening and Smeets spent most of his time on the first 20 moves. He was already slightly worse after the rook lift to d3 and c3, and in ensuing time trouble he made several inaccuracies. A pawn down with more to come he resigned.
Nakamura won against l.Ami after the latter turned down a draw offer early on to catch Anand at 4.5 points. I.m shared 3rd with 3.5 points facing Anand and Nakamura with the white pieces Saturday and Sunday!
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 21th 2011.