A few days ago I said that round 7 and 8 turned out very differently for me. I should have kept this comment for rounds 10 and 11!
I played the reigning Russian Champion Ian Nepomniachtchi already back in 2002 when he won both the Youth European and World Championships U-12.
Wednesday I was white against him in round 10. The tournament situation dictated a must-win situation and when he equalized in the sharp Najdorf variation After a few repetitions I felt I had to play on but had missed his Qd7! I thought I was lost but found several only moves and was a bit surprised when he avoided a perpetual with Qc8. Afterwards he outplayed me, I had to give up an exchange and was defeated in the end.
Today I was black against Kramnik. He was slightly better in the early middle game the but went straight into a nice trap with Qxa5?
His subsequent draw offer was not difficult to turn down as black was clearly somewhat better.
He found the cunning defense Qe3 after which the endgame is probably drawn with best play despite my extra pawn.
However, he allowed both g6 and g5 without entering my kingside and when he allowed my king to infiltrate via f1 it is lost for white. 0-1 after more than six hours play. Tired but satisfied right now:-)
Nakamura won both round 10 and 11 to take sole lead with 8/11 followed by Anand at 7.5, Aronian at 7 and me and Kramnik in shared 4th at 6.5 points.
Tomorrow I have white against Chinese Wang Hao.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 28th 2011.