Exciting round in Wijk today! Smeets-Shirov was the first to finish. In Bilbao I put a knight on a7 against Shirov and posed problems he couldn.t solve, and the same happened today yielding Smeets the full point.
Aronian and I were next to finish. Something went wrong in my preparation for the game and the 30 minutes extra on the clock wasn.t much of a consolation for my poor prospects in the sharp middle game. A pawn down, my kingside was as vulnerable as his and after exchanging queens black was slightly better. Aronian went for a line leading to a forced draw as he seemed to have missed hxg6! and the game ended with perpetual checks after just 2 hours.
Nakamura won against Grischuk and Anand against Ponomariov.
Tomorrow I.m black against Shirov, and next I.ve got white against Giri and black against Ponomariov before the first free day Wednesday.
A game of squash in nearby Beverwijk this evening did me well, and I look forward to the next games.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 15th 2011.