The standard top level tournament lasts 10 rounds these days and it is good that Wijk aan Zee maintain the traditional format of 14 players single round robin (13 rounds)
Today was the penultimate round and I had the white pieces against Wang Hao. We left mainline theory of the Caro-Kann early. It was a positional struggle taking place on both sides of the board. I think he had underestimated the threat Bg4! His last couple of moves prior to this left him with a highly vulnerable kingside and the attack just rolled. I found a nice piece sacrifice and with my three remaining pieces pointing towards his king he resigned before move 30 in face of mate or heavy material loss.
Nakamura against Kramnik was a draw in 30 minutes. Anand-Giri was heading for another sensation when Giri blundered his extra pawn in one move and a draw was agreed in the double rook ending.
Nakamura is sole leader with 8.5 points followed by Anand at 8 and Aronian and me at 7.5 points.
In the final round tomorrow the two leaders and I all play black so there might still be a little excitement left in the tournament☺,
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 29th 2011