Traveling abroad to play chess and going abroad as a tourist are generally two different things for me. This time I visited a couple of tourist attractions in Moscow, it is an impressive city. The walk from the hotel to the playing venue along Kreml to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and across the river might not have helped my tournament result, but it was a nice walk☺,
In the last round in a must-win situation I played the Kings Indian as black against Shakriar Mamedyarov from Azerbaijan. He sacrificed a pawn for more than adequate compensation. When he took on b7 with his queen I tried to stir things up with Qf5 instead of suffering a passive defence. We both missed that he could play Bb2 and subsequently capture on a8. There was no mate, his queen would return to h3 in time. After some complications I found nothing better than the game continuation a pawn down. My counterplay against f2 and mating threats against his vulnerable king on h3 made him repeat moves. Draw, and 2nd place overall. I.m reasonably satisfied with another +2 result (which brought me victories back in 2011 and 2012), and my games against Kramnik and Anand. Overall however, I.m unhappy with too many of the other games to call it a success.
Boris Gelfand had already drawn as black against tail-ender Kramnik, and deservedly won outright with 6 points. He has had several good results after his World Championship match against Anand last year and is entering the top 10 on rating as well.
Caruana and Andreikin drew and shared third with Mamedyarov.
Nakamura, who was sole leader at +3 after 6 rounds, suffered another setback against Morozevich to finish 6th at 50% score.
Karjakin, the recent winner of Norway Chess, finished 7th ahead of Morozevich and Anand and Kramnik.
The great black score and many decided games as well as the surprising final standing mark the 8th Tal Memorial. Another great edition!
This week I have some media activities and business events and Friday and Saturday I.ll play a rapid match against Predojevic at Lillehammer, the venue of the 2013 Norwegian Championship starting Saturday.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, June 25th, 2013