Before the game yesterday I listened to .In My Place. by Coldplay and somehow the passage .I was scared, tired and underprepared. hit a cord inside. Not so today.
Against veteran and next World Championship Match participant Boris Gelfand, Israel, I was white, felt perky and eager to play an exciting game.
Gelfand spent some time in the opening after my unusual 8.Bd3 in the Slav. The double-edged 13.Qc2 left my king alone with a rook on h8 and an open h-file. He had to castle long or leave his king in the centre. He went for the long castle and while my position looked quite good, I could not find a clear road to any significant advantage and went for the ultra sharp 15.d5!

Gelfand found the best attacking continuation and throughout the middle game I had to find several critical resources to keep the balance. When he exchanged one rook the balance started to shift and low on time just before the first time control he went astray. 1-0!
Maybe Tal would have approved of our game today.
The other games ended draw and I.m in the lead together with Ivanchuk and Nepomniachtchi.

After the game we went to a good Chinese restaurant as preparation for the game against Kramnik tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, November 17th, 2011