Following three back-to-back tournaments (Olympiad, Bilbao, Nanjing), a two weeks break came and went quickly, and we arrived in Moscow on Sunday evening.
Monday a week ago NRK, the main Norwegian TV channel, covered a chess session I had at Simonsen Law firm with an 8-yr old (son of an employee) and Tuesday I was a guest at the .Storbynatt. talk show as I.m a fan of hosts Eia and Tufte Johansen.
Friday and Saturday I visited Tromsø the kick-off for the organizational phase of the 2014 Chess Olympiad, playing blindfold, blitz and chess with live pieces.
Back to the Tal Blitz: At the opening and drawing of lots today I received the Chess Oscar for 2009!
The combined Tal and World Championship Blitz takes place over three days as a 20-player all-play-all-twice tournament with time control 3 minutes + 2 seconds/move per game per player.
I got off to an excellent start winning the first four games against blitz expert Nakamura, Ponomariov, Kramnik and Movsesian. The rest of the day was more up and down but 10/14 (as last year) and shared first with Aronian is a very good start. Particularly so as many of the games were quite good and the points didn.t all fall my way as last year.
14 more rounds follow tomorrow and the remaining 10 on Thursday. Great tournament, and excellent live coverage I.m told!

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, November 16th, 2010