Gata Kamsky moved to the US in his teens. After reaching the top 5 in the world he left chess for studies for some years. From my personal experience he has made a mark in top level chess also after his return, as he knocked me out of the World Cup both in 2005 and 2007 (when he went on to win).
This is already a long time ago, and an urge for revenge was not really a part of my motivation today. In such a short tournament I was of course eager to get a good start.
Playing white against Kamsky, I got a small but comfortable edge from the opening and was prepared for a long grind. Drifting slightly in the middle game I allowed him to counterattack on the kingside. After a few inaccuracies from him I gradually went from slightly better to winning, and was happy to see that I could calculate the ensuing sharp lines adequately after a 2.5 months break from tournament play.
In the meantime the Nakamura-Aronian game seemingly heading for a draw ended quite abruptly when Aronian inexplicably blundered an exchange around move 30.
Being used to a Double Round Robin practice of switching the last two rounds in the second half of the tournament, I had expected to have white against Nakamura Tuesday. However, the organizers have correctly switched round 2 and 3, in accordance with the FIDE handbook regulations.
Hence I.ll play black against world ranked no 2 Levon Aronian tomorrow at 1pm!
Magnus Carlsen, Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis, September 9th, 2013