Today, against Teimur Radjabov I got a pleasant position from the opening. My strong bishop on b2 and his weak pawns on a6 and c6 provided me with a number of interesting plans. He spent a lot of time and came up with some accurate moves early in the middle game like Qd6 and Qe7.
I could not make any of the tempting tactical lines work. All seemed to hold for black and by the first time control I was left with a slightly more pleasant ending, somewhat reminiscent of our penultimate round encounter in the Candidates in London.
When he left his bishop on a7 and rook on a4 for too long, I could shuffle my rook between c1 and c2 until he had advanced his kingside pawns to h4, g5 and f6. Sooner or later he had to withdraw his rook and I got my rook to the 7th rank. Gradually I managed to improve my position. Due to my passed a-pawn he had to make a lot of difficult decisions. Low on time both before move 60 and a few moves later he, made some decisive mistakes. After more than 6 hours I had secured a very important victory.
With 4/6 I.m quite happy with both the score and the tournament situation.
Karjakin managed to hold a very difficult ending against Anand and still clear first, half a point ahead. Aronian won against Hammer and shares 3rd with Nakamura at 3.5 points. Anand and Svidler have 3 points.
Wednesday we.ll play at the island South Hidle 40 minutes by boat from Sandnes. The weather forecast says rain and wind, but I hope the excursion will be an interesting experience for everyone.
The round starts at 15:00 and I.m playing black against my compatriot J.L.Hammer.
Magnus Carlsen, Sandnes, May 14th, 2013