Despite Karjakin.s early streak, the last couple of rounds had all the tension expected from a toplevel chess tournament. I was half a point behind after round 6 and when both Sergei and I won i R7 and lost in R8, six players were within striking distance before the last round.
My own game was the first to finish. As black against world ranked no 2 L.Aronian, I managed to equalize early, and he decided to force matters. I could not find a way to play for an advantage and after Rc8 I didn.t have any better choice than exchanging queens and a pair of rooks. The opposite bishop and rook ending was dead equal, and a repetition of moves sealed the draw. Topalov had an advantage against Karjakin keeping the suspension until the first time control. By then Karjakin had equalized and also won a pawn, and he forced a repetition of moves to secure sole 1st with 6 points. Congratulations!
Nakamura beat Hammer in a sharp Noteboom and joined me in shared 2nd half a point behind Karjakin. Svidler, Aronian and Anand shared 4th at 5 points after Anand had gambled and lost against Wang Hao in the last round.

I.m very impressed with the Norway Chess organizers headed by Kjell Madland. Everything was organized at a very high level, including .details. such as ten black and white chess cars lined up outside the players hotel in Sandnes.
The organizers, sponsors and volunteers made sure the players and visitors thoroughly enjoyed the stay. I really hope this event will become an annual tradition!

Summer suddenly arrived in Sandnes yesterday and some of the players, accompanying persons and volunteers enjoyed a fun outdoor football session before the excellent and entertaining closing dinner.

Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, May 19th, 2013