A lot can happen in a seven hour game. My opponent Erwin l.Ami is the lowest rated participant in the A-group but he played well for a long time today.
I sacrificed a pawn in the middle game without getting more than adequate compensation but kept up the pressure towards the first time control. He erred on move 39, and after move 40 I spent 40 minutes trying to find a winning line. Probably there was none until he starting going astray in the sixth hour. Amazingly I missed stalemate tricks twice. First I played 62.Bc1 having missed 65.. Ne3! Later I had planned 72.Rh8 only to discover another stalemate theme and with few seconds left on the clock played Rh2 in desperation letting him off the hook. The ensuing Rook + Knight against Rook ending is of course a theoretical draw but when pushed against the h-file he blundered with Kf3 dropping his rook. 1-0. Not a perfect game in any way, I appreciate the full point nevertheless.
Anand took advantage of a blunder by Smeets to take sole lead with 4 out of 5 ahead of Nakamura at 3.5 points. I.m shared sixth at 2.5 points.
Tomorrow I.m black against Jan Smeets.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 20th 2011.