On the rest day there was a social event (and informal blitz tournament) at the V.Dvorkovich Chess Club for among others the Tal participants, the Russian Chess Federation board, Tal organizers and chess journalists. I left fairly early to prepare for the 6th round encounter with the white pieces against P.Svidler today.
Not sure if I spent too much time on the preparation contributing to a heavy head today or not enough time as I had not covered the 10. b6 variation of the Grunfeld that he somewhat surprisingly went for in sufficient depth.

I had a small advantage out of the opening but soon regretted 14.Qa4 as Peter found the best and only adequate continuation which in turn was quite pleasant for black. Until the time control I had to defend a somewhat unpleasant position due to the strong black bishop on d5. He must have forced things on the kingside a bit early as I had the best prospects immediately after the time control.
First I mainly considered Rd1 yielding a slight, but most probably merely symbolic advantage for white. I ended up playing the seemingly promising Rd4 instead as I had missed his 43.. Qb2! 44.Qe4 Qg2+ after which the rook and bishop ending is just a draw.

Aronian, Kramnik and Nepomniachtchi all had an advantage with white but their opponents managed to equalize and despite another round of fighting chess all games ended in draw again.

Wednesday I.m black against V.Anand.

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, November 22th, 2011