After finishing The Tata Steel Tournament I was really keen to spend some days in the sun, a week in Mexico before going to NYC for the fashion week was great! 28 degrees C, both in the air and in the water. We spent most of the time on different activities, tennis and watersports. A great way to recover from a tournament.
I arrived in NYC a few days before the fashion show. After three trips in less than a year, I have learned to enjoy this amazing city. This time I also got the chance to visit two Knicks games in MSG. I was rooting for the Knicks, but the results were disappointing and I could only symphatize with
the many New Yorkers present.
This was the second time I participated as a guest of G-Star at the Fashion Week. It's a lot going on in quite a short amount of time. Mostly interviews with different fashion magazines the days before the show and on the day of the show. At the fashion show I walked the red carpet/pressline and saw the G-Star show from first row. After the show G-Star hosted a great party at the Lincoln Centre.
It's always nice to come home, even though this trip was a lot of fun and the weather in Oslo still freezing cold.
A couple of days after coming back, I gave a simul at a big student party that one of my sponsors, Simonsen law firm, organized. I played ten students and Simonsen promised to pay one years student loan to any of the players who could beat me. Well, they didn`t have to pay the prize, but I am sure
the 450 students attending had a great party anyway. All the games could be watched on electronic boards on the wall, a professional referee explained
the rules and oversaw it all. Simonsen had also hired one of the best Norwegian comedians as a commentator.
I have a few more quiet weeks before the Amber tournament in Monaco. I'll make the best of it and I'm really looking forward to play again!