Great results so far despite too many inaccuracies in the middle game.
Yesterday against Aronian I got a pawn in the opening for which he did not have sufficient compensation. After a couple of dubious moves I had to revert into defence mode despite my extra pawn. As usual Aronian was a bit too optimistic and played for win when he probably could have settled for a draw by placing his pawn on a3, rook on b2 and bishop on c2. In the actual game continuation I was allowed to expand on the kingside. The position was hightly complex but after f4! it looked difficult for black. I had to keep cool in the tactical endgame till the 6th hour of play, and he lost on time after 58 moves. The position is lost for black but could well have been played out. (For some reason the score sheet has 29 moves in each column!)
Despite the two initial long games I felt good and ready for a fight today. Unfortunately I confused the move order in the opening and had no choice but to accept a worse ending. I had missed a line in the game continuation when I took on g2 instead of playing Bc6 which is worse but possible to hold. Kramnik found the great resource Qd7! and I was a bit lucky to have the save h5 as the possible queen against rook and bishop ending should be a draw. The rest of the game I think I defended very accurately, and his extra pawn did not cause me any serious problems in the end. Draw.
Adams had a bye yesterday and won convincingly against Polgar today to reach 6 points, just one point behind Kramnik and me with one game less played.
Hopefully I can continue to stay focused throughout the event. As last year, the winner will probably post a very high score.

Tomorrow at 4 pm local time, I.m white against Gawain Jones, reigning British champion.
Wednesday is a rest day for all the players.
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 3rd, 2012