If this blog entry makes it online, the internet at the hotel is working again! Thursday I played black against Aronian and was fine out of the opening. He sacrificed a pawn with the e4-break followed by d5. I did not believe this was correct but when I immediately went astray with Bc5? instead of the perfectly acceptable Nc5, as I had missed Nxe4!, I was in for a long uphill struggle to save the ending. Fortunately for me Aronian made a few inaccuracies and a drawn ending was reached just before the time control. Nakamura beat Howell to take the sole lead after 5 rounds. Yesterday I had a "bye" and commented upon the round 6 live games from the VIP room and the commentary room. For the first time in this tournament not that much happened resulting in four draws.
In round 7 today I played white against out-of-form Michael Adams and needed a win to stay in the fight for first.
I was not happy about my position out of the opening despite the long term prospects of the bishop pair. Trying to keep the queens on the board I had to make a serious of ugly-looking queen moves. When he played f5 I felt more comfortable. Despite his active pieces white is probably better. Closer to the time control he started to drift giving my bishops more space and when he allowed Qb1-d3-f1 he was in serious trouble due to his weak king. An immediate blunder (Nc4) decided the game. Kramnik and McShane also won and the three of us have 12 points (three wins and three draws each) with Nakamura trailing at 11 with 2 rounds to go. Sunday I'm black against Anand who shares 5th place with Aronian at 7 points and 50% score. Magnus Carlsen, London, December 10th 2011