I don.t know what I would have said in the blog if I had lost today. Feeling rested and physically and mentally fit for fight I can.t think of any plausible excuses.
My opponent Hikaru Nakamura (rated 2774) went for the popular Queen.s Gambit which held up excellently for black in the Kazan Candidates last month.
He played the interesting idea 6..Bg4 and I spent some 15 minutes on the next few moves. Ready for a fight I exchanged bishops on g6 to create a weakness on his kingside and castled long. After pondering half an hour (probably looking for active play) he responded with the aggressive b7-b5-b4.
With h2-h4-h5 I felt my attack somehow should crash through, but he fought well for a long time. In time trouble he started to make a few inaccuracies and in the end he had too many pawn weaknesses in addition to a vulnerable king. With some two seconds left and a hopeless ending he resigned.
My most recent white score against Nakamura is now 4 out of 4. Knock on wood.
V. Ivanchuk played a very good game defeating Radjabov in his pet Kings Indian while Nisipeanu . Karjakin was a short but tense draw.
Tomorrow I.m black against co-leader Ivanchuk. Stay tuned!
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 11th