Today.s games went according to the ideal script of an organizer, there is a tie for 1st before the last round. I would not have been opposed to maintaining my lead, but things turned out differently today.
As black against Nisipeanu I again went for the Breyer in the Ruy Lopez and decided to take some risk in the early middle game. 16..exd4 17.cxd4 d5 clearly is double-edged. Nisipeanu might not have chosen the most critical continuation but the line he did choose did not give much room for black either. When he sacrificed the exchange on d4 the only likely outcome was a draw.
Ivanchuk has been out of form most of this tournament. It was not pleasant to watch this great player blitz out a string of poor moves to lose in 22 moves and 75 minutes against Karjakin.
Tomorrow I.m white against co-leader Karjakin. The last round starts two hours earlier, ie 1:30 PM local time.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 21st 2011