Last year Nisipeanu (2662) surprised me with the Jaenisch gambit and the game ended with draw. I was determined to make better use of the white pieces this year. The opening looks fairly innocuous with the queen swap on move 8 and a nearly symmetrical position. Playing black is not easy though. White has an initiative, and his 11.. Bd6 effectively granted me the bishop pair. In the continuation there was not much black could do. I could improve my position gradually advancing on the kingside with h3, g4, h4, g5. After the opening of the h-file and 26.Bd3! (aiming for e4) he was more or less lost. Short on time a few more inaccuracies shortened his suffering. 1-0 and I think a played a very decent game!
Karjakin beat Ivanchuk with the black pieces with the beautiful 16.. Bxh3!! He is now in sole 2nd half a point behind me.
It seems as if the tennis the evenings prior to round 4 and 5 worked out well!
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 16th