Today I had white against Ivanchuk. He responded to 1.d4 with the quite popular Ragozin with 4.. Bb4, reaching a classical isolani-pawn position where black needs to activate his pieces. I did not manage to get much of an advantage in the middle game as he defended accurately. The ending was slightly better for white but without serious winning chances.
As I was low on time Ivanchuk decided to play quickly. It contributed to some inaccuracies on critical junctions. On my part I managed to reach both time controls without mistakes. It is fair to say that I played a reasonably good game, although I needed some cooperation from Ivanchuk to win in the end.
As the others drew, I.m back in sole lead with 5 out of 7 !
My remaining games are black against Radjabov and Nisipeanu and finally white against runner-up Karjakin on Tuesday.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 18th