Sergey Karjakin became a GM at 12 - the youngest ever. He is from the Russian part of Ukraine but now represents Russia and lives in Moscow.
As black I went for 1.e4 c6 and the Caro-Kann variation.
After the opening my nice-looking pawn on d4 was likely to fall eventually, but it restricted white.s play and compensated for structural weaknesses on blacks queenside.
After the game Karjakin said he was unhappy about his position, and this explains his surprising c5-push exchanging his c-pawn for my b-pawn. After Qd5! black is better. He spent well above half an hour on his next move and found one of several good defenses. After simplifications his active rooks prevented me from making any progress despite my extra pawn in the two rook and knight endgame. I eventually returned the pawn and we drew just before the 1st time control. The others drew as well, and I.m still sole leader.
After the 1st round win I climbed back to the no 1 spot on the live rating list.
Each draw against somewhat lower rated opponents costs me points but I.m still marginally ahead.
On the last round before the free day, I.m white against Nisipeanu Wednesday.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 14th