Having the white pieces against Vachier-Lagrave I got a small but pleasant advantage from the opening. After consolidating the queenside I was ready to utilize the extra space on the kingside. He chose an active defense with f5, g5 and g4 and managed to find good defensive moves also after my doubling of rooks in the h-file. Beyond the first time control the position was equal, but eager to play for a win I went Qc1 ceding the initiative to black and had to play accurately myself afterwards. After Qd5 he offered a draw and I didn.t find a way to play on.
As Morozevich lost to Caruana I.ve won Biel GM tournament 2011 with one round to go!
My three Norwegians pals playing the Masters tournament are doing okay as well, and my sister Ellen is placed 4th in the Main tournament with one round left!
Tomorrows round starts at 11am. Stay tuned!
Magnus Carlsen, July 28th, 2011