The Biel chess festival features several chess events and the free days are scheduled after round 3 and 5 in alignment with the major Open events.
On the first free day I visited the Mayor of Biel, did some interviews and played tennis while yesterday with some football was fairly quiet in comparison.
Regarding my round 5 loss against another 20 year old, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave the short version is simply that he played better than me.
Today.s opponent Pelletier chose the French defense and I deviated from mainline theory fairly early. In the middle game I missed too much and the position was fairly equal. It looked drawish until he decided to swap queens with Bxd4 (instead of Bxc2). The position was still balanced but gave black more possibilities to go astray due to the back rank threats. He made a couple of mistakes and when I finally activated the dark-square bishop my bishops quickly dominated his kingside winning the f-pawn. 1-0. Always good to strike back after a loss! got a three points lead after 6 rounds. Morozevich-Shirov was a hard fought game with an advantage to Morozevich, but the latter managed to stir up enough counter play in mutual time trouble to save a draw in the end.
Magnus Carlsen, July 25th, 2011