Another long fight today with the black pieces. Alexander Morozevich made a comeback to top level chess in the Russian Higher league in June and seems to be in good shape.
None of us knew much about the rare 4.Bg5-line in the Grunfeld. By freezing the centre pawns I got a good initiative on the queenside in the late middle game and was quite optimistic about my chances. Morozevich kept came and found the necessary defensive as well as offensive resources available, and the position was probably within the drawing range even throughout the complicated queen and bishop versus queen and knight endgame.
Shirov returned with a vengeance today against Caruana and is clear third at 4 points (behind me and Morozevich at 7 and 5) going into the first freeday (Thursday).
Again I missed the Tour de France finish due to the long game... Just a few hundred kilometers south of Biel, Boasson Hagen secured another stage victory for his team and for Norway!
The Norwegian contingent in Biel followed up with giving the Russian football team a good beating later in the evening☺,
Magnus Carlsen, July 20th, 2011