As black against Shirov I got a tougher game than our round 2 encounter.
Out of the opening I had compensation for the sacrificed pawn due to his isolated double e-pawns. In retrospect I feels like I started to drift somewhat in the middle game but I.m not sure where or how I could have improved. Both of us avoided any significant mistakes and the position was fairly balanced at the first time control although his king was slightly more vulnerable.
Being able to stay focused and calculate well, I.m very satisfied with my play after the time control. He had to find some accurate moves and 46.Bd1 was probably his last chance to enter a drawish variation, but he missed it.
Lastly I'd like to mention that I was pleased to find h5! after which it went quickly downhill for him. 0-1. Not a bad game today☺,
Morozevich beat Lagrave to stay 3 points behind in 2nd place and our encounter tomorrow will probably decide the tournament outcome.
Magnus Carlsen, July 26th, 2011