After the rapid tournament Botvinnik Memorial in Moscow, I haven't been
blogging. I have been real busy, but the poor result might also be a part of
Just about everything went wrong the second day in Moscow. I felt fine
prior to the first game against Aronian, and I was also very happy after the
opening. Surprisingly, at least to me, he got overwhelming compensation after
sacrificing two exchanges. With energetic play he won a nice game in the end.
The game unsettled me a bit and I lost my momentum. Losing three games in a
row feels awful, but hopefully it makes me more alert before the Grand Slam
Vishy Anand played great chess in Moscow and I think his win was well

The day after the tournament I flew to Kaliningrad to take part in an event.
Kaliningrad was an exciting experience, and it was a real treat to do a
photo shoot in a landscape of gigantic sanddunes by the sea.

Back in Oslo I have been busy shooting new press photos, meeting press,
going to my old schools 30th anniversary, and Arctic Securities 4th year
celebration. At the Arctic event I gave a simul against 16 opponents,
winning all games. One of the participants brought his home made chess
program which I found quite impressive, as well as making the event more

I'm very much looking forward to go to Brazil for the 1st half of the Grand
Slam final, which starts at the 26th of September. The second half will be
held in Bilbao. Before that, I will do quite a few interviews in connection
with Hallgeir Opedals new book about me, launched the 16th of September. I
will also have a few days in Rio de Janeiro. Arctic Securities opens a new
office in Rio, and I very much look forward to be a guest at the opening
party the 20th of September.

Oslo 13th of September
Magnus Carlsen