Today.s opponent Teimur Radjabov won the U18 World Championship already back in 1999 at the age of 12. already played some 20 classical games and many blitz and rapids. won several classical games against him from 2007 onwards.
In line with my comment about the Queens Gambit Declined not necessarily being a draw in 15 moves after the 1st round victory, I went for 1.d4 once more. Today Radjabov proved me wrong, it is a draw after 15 moves☹,
Seriously, I did not get anything out of the opening as his structural problems were compensated for by active pieces. I felt the f4-break was my only chance to play for a win, but he found active continuations. His knight dominated my bishop until it had captured the b-pawn in return for one of his doubled e-pawns. The rook ending with 1+4 versus 2+3 pawns was slightly better for black if any, and I accepted his draw offer just before the time control.
Nisipeanu trapped the black king nicely in the centre in a Berlin wall variation against Ivanchuk. Despite missing a couple of fairly obvious wins in time trouble the home favorite eventually won the pawn-up rook and bishop ending convincingly.
Consequently I.m sole leader at +1 with Ivanchuk, Nakamura, Karjakin and Nisipeanu trailing at 50%.
Tennis in the sun after the game hopefully served as the right preperation for the game Tuesday. I.m black against Karjakin in round 4.
Magnus Carlsen, Bazna, June 13th